Lost in Lazarus

Sometimes, a little Jeremy Clarkson appears on my shoulder, bellowing “How hard can it be?!”. Today he emerged as I was toying with the idea to refamiliarise myself with SQL.

Since I started my PhD project two weeks ago, I have mostly been reading and actively scrutinising books and articles for working definitions which I can use in my writing. I am also gathering more data on husbandry manuscripts and gentry landowners, and I want to organise them in such a way that I have a good overview of what I am doing. (I am a notorious scribbler, having written part of my MA thesis on the margins of supermarket advertisements). So, I figured it would be worthwhile to collate datasets in the future. For some strange reason, I have fond memories of creating mock personnel files in SQL at secondary school, and since I had managed to brush up my HTML for the Skelton Project website in two days, I thought catching up on SQL would be easy as pie. As it turns out, I could not have been more wrong.

This morning I delved into Lazarus, FireBird, MySQL, Zeos, and a few obscure pieces of software with numbers for names; the one even more confusing than the other. But I will not give up the fight. If anything, I am more determined to make my own searchable database work. It cannot be that hard, Jeremy, it cannot!


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